Real Horror After GOT

This article includes SPOILER ALERTS for Game of Thrones.

In the series finale of Game of Thrones, the signature episode twist occurred when lead character Daenerys was killed by Jon Snow.

Her remaining dragon, Drogon, nudged her dead body in what was a moving and emotional scene. Drogon, realizing his mother’s death, was a tough pill to swallow, evoking feelings similar to the notorious “red wedding,” and “Jon Snow’s death.'”


After the episode concluded, I searched Twitter for instant reactions. I was surprised to read this unrelated headline: Trump administration identifies at least 1,700 additional children it may have separated.

According to the report, at least 2,800 children have been victims of the May 2018 “zero tolerance” policy aimed to “deter families from crossing the border by stripping migrant children away from their parents if they dared cross the border together.”

This was a gut-check moment for me.

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Here I was, feeling in the pit of my stomach a great sadness for the fallen queen and her mourning dragon. Yet on my own continent, and near the border of my country, thousands of children mourned as they were separated from their parents.

You may be prepared to respond with your “take” on immigration and policy, but before you do just that, consider for a moment what this must be like for these children and their parents.

You may also feel the need to redirect the narrative, addressing other areas that disregard human dignity. This is fine and necessary. Stay with this first. At least 2,800 children separated from their families. What will their life become? How will they see the world? Do they not deserve to be with their families, their only remaining sense of safety as they seek it on our lands.

This isn’t HBO, this is real. We should all feel in the pit of our stomach the same horror and sadness that we give to these fictional, mythical characters.

Perhaps I am guilty of being numb to the outrage, oversaturated with headlines from across the world, not limited to a political party or leadership team, that rips away at human dignity.

The timing of this tweet struck me as I then checked on my daughter sleeping after Game of Thrones concluded.

All children deserve what she has in terms of safety. The refugees seeking shelter and asylum want the same for their children, but we, yes we, turn them away and even worse, separate them from their loved ones.

There is plenty of outrage over the final season of Game of Thrones, and some is even understandable.

What is not understandable, and what cannot be justified, is the stripping of human dignity that not only requires our disgust, but our action to not only reunite the children with their families, but to find new, creative ways to respond with love to the stranger at our front door.

Only if we cared as much about those on the margins of society as we do for the likes of Jon, Dany, and Drogon.

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