Breaking Open Your Heart

“There is no way to be human without having one’s heart broken.” -Parker Palmer

Well isn’t this true. A broken heart is a part of life. Yet, how we look at this brokenness is one of those keys to life.

Palmer also says this:

“But there is another way to visualize what a brokenheart might mean. Imagine that small, clenched fist of a heart ‘broken open’ into largeness of life, into greater capacity to hold one’s own and the world’s pain and joy. This, too, happens every day. We know that heartbreak can become a source of compassion and grace because we have seen it happen with our own eyes as people enlarge their capacity for empathy and their ability to attend to the suffering of others.”

What if we can look at our broken heart this way? What if after the tears, the mourning, the sadness, and the darkness, we can rise above the ashes and contribute even more, feel greater, and love deeper.

How might your heart break lead to a shift in your life where you can become as Palmer says “a source of compassion and grace” for the brokenhearted companions that we walk along with on this journey?

Let’s ponder these questions together.

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