A Mother’s Day Prayer


Let us take a few minutes this second Sunday of May to express our gratitude to all those who have served as mothers for another, and may we ask God for God’s continued blessings on these individuals whom we owe a debt of gratitude that cannot be repaid.

Within and beyond this gratitude, we may find pain and grief. Mothers from the past that may no longer pick up the phone or be waiting by their window for your arrival-we remember them, we thank God for them, and may we in this prayer even reconnect with them as they await us on the other side to introduce us to that world.

In our prayer, we pray for those who may be hurting today. Mothers who lost a child, mothers who said goodbye too soon. Behind the flowers and the smiles, there is an immense pain that even time struggles to heal. For them, we pray for strength, for acceptance, and for that amazing grace that comes directly from God Almighty.

On this day, we pray for those who desire from their soul to be a mother. To conceive, to adopt, to bring life into this world. God calls them in their heart. They discern this, it is their vocation. The road is bumpy, the pain is real. We pray for them, their partners, their families, and we hope that there will be peace during this journey.

As we pray, we remember all those who may not receive a Mother’s Day card, but surely mothered another- those teachers, day care workers, nurses, colleagues, doctors, friends, researchers, counselors, administrators, support staff, lawyers, officers, veterans, peacemakers,  and all who are in the helping profession and not specifically mentioned here. We remember those aunts, those cousins and siblings, grandparents and great aunts, and religious sisters and leaders of faith. For all who loved another, we see the fingerprints that you left on our lives and we are grateful.

On this Mother’s Day, we pray for our partners who share in making our home. We pray in gratitude for their faithfulness, their example, and their love. For those who care for a child, we are grateful for their immense sacrifice. We see the impact, the love, the instinct, the grace. It is inspiring.

Finally, for our mothers who have given us life, who sacrificed more than we can imagine, who loved us for us. We are blessed, and we are grateful, and we are who we are because you loved us.

On this special day, we also remember the mothers who throughout time that loved. This love, which then and now  reflects God’s love, echoes throughout eternity. We feel it, we know it.

On this Monther’s Day, in the midst of the range of emotions, in the joy and in the sorrow, we ask God for peace. May we all reflect God’s love, providing shelter, support, care, and acceptance. May we love as we have been loved.

We thank God for the blessings of these individuals who made us who we are. May they know how loved they are not just by us, but by our God.






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