Let It Be & Let It Go

For several generations, the Beatles hit “Let it Be,” has captured the love and admiration of western civilization.

When Paul McCartney discussed the origins of the lyrics with James Corden last year, we were reminded of the depth of this music and its special place in our own stories.

In 2013, the Disney film Frozen introduced to us another animated classic with the hit song, “Let it Go,” the freeing anthem of a Queen setting forth on her journey toward true love and her true self.

At different times over the past six months, my daughter has learned parts of both songs. “Let it Go” is accompanied by a dance with her dad that is remarkably good, if I must (and I must) say so myself.

She learned McCartney’s lyrics as I was moved by the version produced by the harmonies of Gentri.

I found myself connecting these two songs recently, not in an attempt to reflect poetically on this website, rather, in an effort to better live and love.

A very recent spiritual lesson that I learned was that we cannot find or achieve spiritual peace. It cannot be sought after.

It can only be.

Now, in the present.

We must attract it, allowing the love of God to be fully felt in this very moment. Because it is always there.

No book, blog, lecture, or song can lead us there in the future unless it draws our attention to the very God that shines within right now.

We must, despite all of the noise inside, let it be. Let all of it be, all of the messages of our false self. All of the pain and the hurt from the past, and the fears of the uncontrollable future.

Let it be. And let God be God.

To do this, we must “let it go.”

Let things die. This includes your superficial goals that are reacting to the needs of your ego, such as status, security, and money.

Let your false sense of self fade away with the wind. All that you need to be or do-Let it go.

The hurt from the past, the draining relationships and behaviors, and the need to be perfect- let these all die.

Because it is in dying that we are transformed. It is your resurrection.

Consider the Easter stories. The Resurrected Jesus was not recognized by His friends. They went back to work, the walked away, they hid in fear.

They held on to the confusion, the pain, the concern of their own death. And they missed their God, their friend, in their midst.

My friends, we do the same thing every day. We do not let matters be, both those in and out of our control. We do not let what needs to die, die.

Like a baby learning to walk, trusting in their parents presence, they stay in the present. Step by step. Tumbling, falling, smiling, laughing, walking, and finally running.

Trust that our God is there, within and beside us as we walk this earthly journey.

Let it Go and Let it Be.

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