Michelangelo, the famous Renaissance artist, approached sculpting as a process to “set free” angels. He would pick the right block of rigid stone, and through a discovery process, chip away until he set the angel, or statue, free.

While he spoke of stone, you are invited“set free” the beauty that exists within you. Within all of us are dreams meant to become realities.

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it,” said Michelangelo. “And it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

It is time for you to discover the angel inside. Let’s finally set it free.

I remember when I encountered Michelangelo’s David in 2014. I resisted the long lines, but only because of my wife’s urging, we stayed. While I always appreciated and studied art, David unexpectedly blew me away. I was overwhelmed by its beauty. Michelangelo set free the statue, or angel within this once disregarded block of stone. I was never moved like this before, or since. It was a spiritual moment.

Interesting enough, you are both the sculptor and the stone.

It is important to remember that you were not created to be a block stone. Yet, you and I became stone over time as we were formed by the ideas of society. Formed by your potentially good intentioned parents, relatives, friends, teachers, social media, and all forms of media and entertainment, you were told how to act, and how to live.

As a relatively new parent, I am very conscious of my words and actions. I try to give my daughter the space to be her true self. I humbly recognize that there are things that I unknowingly do and say that form her. I can only pray they are more positive than negative.

While we may have been turned into stone over time, the good news is that there are moments in life when the stone begins to crack. Ironically, it is often in times of great difficulty that we begin to reassess this life that we are living. In recent years, through writing, I discovered my own voice. While I once found peace in being the empathetic listener, and enjoyed living in the gray of life, personal, national, and global issues demanded that I move from the middle to what was right. My stone was cracked.

The crack in the stone is our entry point to freedom. These cracks present the opportunity for us to become the sculptor to chip away, and to discover.

James Campbell writes: “The adventure of the hero represents the moment in his life when he achieved illumination, the nuclear moment when, while still alive, he found and opened the road to the light beyond the dark walls of our living death.”

You are called to be the hero of your own life, and as a result, a hero for others. The road to the light begins with your dreams, and accepting them as a mandate. At times, these dreams are finally welcomed by you because of a crack to your armor. At other times, dreams are pursued because you are finally ready to be your true self. The dreams that are discussed here are not the dreams of the external world, but that of the internal. They are the dreams of our God.

God does not dream for us to be successful on the terms of society. God’s dream is for us to be successful by being our true self. This is the angel that Michelangelo discovers when he chips away at stone.

Michelangelo could see it in the stone, even when no one else could. In that same fashion, God sees that angel in you. It is God’s dream for you, and as a result, God’s dream for us.

It is time to discover and own your inner angel.



  1. This is a wonderful post! I have taken the liberty of quoting you in my blog tomorrow. I hope that’s OK. The idea of each of us having an inner angel – and chipping away the outer layer to find the angel inside really appeals to me – and it fits right into my blog topic tomorrow on JanBeek. God sees that angel in you, Jimmy. So do I!!

    • Thanks so much and of course. This is a part of my opening chapter to my manuscript that I am looking to get published. I appreciate the feedback!

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