Finding God

Find God today.

  • In the midst of the day’s storm and its’ calm valleys, find God.
  • In the eyes of loved ones, find God.
  • In the eyes of the stranger, find God.
  • In your places of worship, reciting familiar and personal prayers, find God.
  • In you walks, your car and bus rides, your various journeys and steps, find God.
  • In your empathy at the sight of those struggling, wounded, and those you do not understand, find God.
  • In your thoughts, your emotions, your words and the words of others, find God.
  • In the depth of your heart, the core of your being, the center of your soul, find God.

Much will happen today, and you will face a range of experiences. In it all, through it all, God is there. Waiting for you like a long lost friend.

On this last Monday in April, find God today.

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