Embracing the Cracks in Our Lives

When we are hurt, our lives crack.

Like a vase, that break changes things. Even when glued together, that scar remains.

At the time when our wounds are formed, it can be incredibly difficult and overwhelming.

In my recent past, I suffered one of my largest cracks to date. “It f’n sucks,” a close friend said when sharing the news. It remains the most fitting description. Some wounds just run a little too deep.

Yet time has this mysterious feature in that while it always passes, it also heals. The pain eventually feels different, and if we are to be honest, at times we want to hold on to that pain because it is the closest emotion to that loss, and who we were and what life was before the break.

The pain may even creep up out of no where in the future, and it can bring us right back to the crack. At the same time, we move forward. We heal.

Because everything changes. Including us.

One of the beautiful gifts from these cracks is we learn how to feel deeper, love greater.

As Ernest Hemingway said, “the world breaks everyone, and afterward many are strong at the broken places.”

If we allow it, because of our cracks, we can better empathize with the suffering of our life’s companions, stranger and friend. We can become more sensitive to the hurt, to the sadness, to the cracks of others.

If we are reflective and aware, we might even learn to put our own needs on the shelf in place of life’s companions who are wounded and healing.

Our cracks, as painful as they are, invite us to living and loving deeper. Like the resurrected Jesus approaching his wounded friends, we can bring peace into their hearts after the storm.

Our cracks do not define us. They simply allow a divine light to shine a little brighter into what may be someone’s darker days, including your own.

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