Your Resurrection


Jesus rose from the dead 2,000 years ago, celebrated by Christians yesterday and again, next Sunday.

The lenten preparation of the past month-and-a-half was an invitation to your own transformation, or rather, resurrection.

What has changed over the past six weeks? What died within you that needed to end so you can better live? How have you re-imagined your situations in life to be a better version of yourself?

You may be reading this, feeling that these words resonate with your experience. Or, you may wonder if you missed an opportunity. Perhaps you are no further down the road from when the lenten journey started? Maybe your best intentions never moved beyond just that.

The good news, if you had a transformative Lent or not, is that today presents the same opportunity that was presented six weeks ago. And so does tomorrow, and the day after that.  This is not the same as your “New Year’s resolutions” set on December 31st. With God, there is always an invitation to grow closer to God.

Every day, you are invited to re-imagine your life as an opportunity to best reflect God’s love. Some hours will be better than others, as will some days and some weeks. The invitation to your own transformation never ends.

If your Lenten experience was transformative, or if your coming days will bring greater conversion, you will find that you will become stronger. You will see life differently, as you see your vocation come to life as God’s beloved. Your gifts and talents will become someone’s blessing, and your mere presence will lift the energy of those whom you encounter.

Jesus is risen in life’s greatest mystery. The invitation for your own resurrection, your own transformation, is no mystery- it is simply an unlimited, never-ending invitation for you to grow in and with your God.

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