Lenten Thought of the Day:

Today, we sit in the middle. Yesterday, Good Friday and tomorrow, Easter Sunday.
Some like to believe the world is black and white. It is easier this way I imagine.
It is in fact gray, filled with immense complexity. There is great pain and at the same time, great joy. There is unrest and yes, peace. This is the ying and the yang. The mystery of life and death is the ultimate juxtaposition.
Life is both complicated and beautiful. It is at times very hard and at times very easy. We can miss and mourn a loved one at one hour of the day, and then be filled with life by the presence of someone else.
Today, Holy Saturday, we sit in the middle. We are in transition, riding the roller coaster of life as we seek healing from Friday in the comfort and hope of Sunday.
Some like to say that God is dead today as we remember the events of 2,000 years ago.
I prefer to focus on God’s faithfulness and presence in our lives, especially in the midst of the gray.
To His friends, Jesus was dead in the closed tomb. He and his message of love was defeated.
The truth was that Jesus was in transition. His death a blessing, allowing for God’s love to show its power.
For us, we may look at the closed tombs of our lives, the open wounds, and the confusion. We are invited to see this place, not as the end of the story, but as a transition into a new chapter of our lives.
This means it is ok and very healthy to mourn and at the same time seek comfort in hope. Try to peace in the grey, the transition.
Trust in tomorrow and the hope that our God offers us. But also trust in God today, in the messy and the confusing. It is where we spend most of our days and yes, God is there and very much alive.

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