Today is a day of hope. While I wouldn’t dare confuse the religion of baseball with the earthly pursuit of knowing and experiencing God (talk about jinxing your team) there are some shared themes this day:

1. The past is in the past:
Whatever teams did last year, win or lose, no longer matter. The present and the future are filled with opportunities.
In our lives, we are presented with the same opportunity. As my father always says, “today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

2. Connection to loved ones:
Generations have filled into stadiums, tuned into radios, tv, and now computers and phones, to watch this game of baseball- especially Opening Day.
While loved ones may no longer physically cheer with us, we remember their passion but also the gift of their life.
This day is an opportunity for us to remember those we love, and those whom loved us, living and deceased.

3. Ya Gotta Believe:
This is a day of hope.
Not just for baseball, but for life.
As we wait for a baseball season to turn in our direction, we also hope for our future season of life.
How might we be successful in the responsibilities we have, in our relationships with friend and stranger, and how might we make others feel hope as the result of the love we give.
We may never get paid like the 30 teams taking the field today, but perhaps there is a greater reward, and that is giving and receiving God’s love.

With all this being said, Let’s Go Mets and a very happy Opening Day to one and all (except the Yankees and Nats).Shea-Stadium-Cheers-on-a-Luis-Castillo-Hit-at-a-Mets-v-Yankees-Game_DP-min.jpg

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