Where is your Bethany?

Five times in the New Testament, Jesus goes to the town of Bethany. While he raises Lazarus from the dead here, he often comes here to rest and to be with his closest friends.

Where is your Bethany?

A common guided or silent meditation is to imagine going to a place that is special to you- your Bethany. If your place no longer exists (ex. a previous home, place of worship, venue, etc.), you can still go there in prayer and meditation.

You may be fortunate that you can physically return to a place that is still what it once was. Perhaps there are those who can still comfort you as you have been comforted before.

Take time today, this week, this remaining season of Lent, to go to your Bethany. Surround yourself in this sacred space, surrounded by loved ones (physically and/or spiritually present).

Fill your cup here, find rest here, find comfort here.

You and the world will be better for your time in your Bethany.


  1. My Bethany is my sanctuary, a 12′ x 12′ room, up a circular staircase, above my home’s entryway. It is filled with a collection of angels (my Mom started the collection – my maiden name, DeAngeles, means “of angels” in Italian), and a variety of crosses. One of them is over 100 years old. My grandmother brought it with her from Italy around 1903. Each morning, I start my day in my “Bethany” with the Holy Spirit alive and well. Yes, I am sooo blessed. Love, joy, and peace are mine. Thanks for your blog reminding me to count my blessings regularly!

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