Being blessed with a toddler helps me understand what Jesus meant when he said we must “become like children (MT18:3).”

Shea teaches me many ways to do this, but here are just three simple thoughts:

1. Love, Love, Love:
All Shea does is seek love and gives love. Love is her daily motivation.

2. They are Free:
Children have fun. They are free to be themselves, free from the works of the ego.
Simply said, They don’t take themselves seriously

3. They See God:
When we pray, her eyes change. As does her smile. Sure Elmo and Mickey bring excitement, but when we talk with God, there is a deeper joy and peace that shines through.

(I wonder why this is- my developing theory is that as children are gifts from God, meaning they left God to come to us. Their connection is stronger, as their journey from God is pretty recent).