Lenten Thought of the Day


The potential pitfall with the Golden Rule “Love your neighbor as you love yourself (MT22:39)” is this: what happens when you don’t love yourself?
Consider this question:
Do you know you are loved just as you are?
These lenten days, how might you show yourself more respect, more care, and more unconditional love?
How can you silence that inner voice that tells you that you are not good enough or smart enough, that your self-worth is some how connected to how you look, how you speak, what you own, and what you do every day?
How might you shut off this paralyzing noise that was formed by society and past voices echoing throughout your life?
How might you stop comparing yourself to others and just be at peace and dare I say, grateful for who you are?
Wisdom rests in the great saints and global spiritual leaders not limited to one religion that teach us to spend time in prayer and rest each day, to be reminded of their place in eternity as God’s beloved.
Once we do this, and as we make this a daily present to ourselves, we will be better prepared to make this eternal rule truly Golden, reflecting God’s love in service to others.

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