Lenten Thought of the Day:

If we are to call ourselves “Christ”ians, we must be just that- like Jesus.

Jesus shows us how to be like Him: to love unconditionally, to serve and uplift those on the margins of society, and to challenge the hypocrisy of those in power.

How many wars are fought in “His name?” How much persecution and discrimination and judgement is cast in “His name?”

I wonder how many Christians would recognize Jesus if he walked the earth today? Would we be quick to tell Him he is wrong, to justify another approach, to point fingers?
Would we persecute him as we did 2,000 years ago?

The early Christians model how to be Christ-like:
“See how they love one another” a pagan said of them as they cared for Christians and non-Christians alike.

Could the same be said for us?Lent-Image-feature.jpg