This new series will reflect on moments of fatherhood. It will include reflections on the joys, challenges, and lessons of being a parent.



Being a parent is hard. It can bring you to your knees in tears. It can also provide a depth of joy that is new and simply of God.

I find myself marveling at my daughter these days. Two-and-a-half years old, she is at that age where she pushes limits, hugs a little stronger, says the most remarkable things, and reveals my strengths and weakness in her replication.

I am drawn to her soul as it reveals God in an intense fashion. All she does is give love. And when I ask her what love means, she says “Mama” with deep conviction and a genuine smile.

I find that when I am with her, I simply see her as God’s incredible creation. I am present to the present that God gave us. I also find that when I am with her, I do not worry about the future. The demands and expectations of the world are not crowding my mind. I am just present, soul to soul and heart to heart.

The challenge, of course, is when she is not present. I can fall into the anxiety of what I should own and who I should be. I fear the unknown, as I want to provide and protect.

Yet, when I am with her, I am her father. I am humbled and I am grateful.

My challenge, and I imagine yours too, is to remain in the present. Be it your child, your friend, or the stranger- how might we find peace in the present? How might we replace the fear and anxiety with peace and appreciation?

I understand that my role as father is to teach my daughter, yet she continues to teach me, form me, and create a new heart within my soul.

My heart of heart, along with my beloved wife, are the greatest answer to my life-long prayers.

I am blessed.

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