A Lenten Prayer


y3vkLE0Q5e9ppUtKDety_Ash Wed 500x280.jpgFor many Christians, Lent started this week. This time is one of preparation, healing, and prayer.

Once again, we travel down this 40-day journey of love.

My prayer for you and for me that it takes us down a road of true love.

May we try to understand what is different, and may we find and appreciate insight into what we may currently not believe or comprehend.

During these days leading to the cross, may we sacrifice luxury so others can simply live. May we give time for others and for ourselves, to grow and to learn, to live and to love. May we take up our crosses, seeking the help and prayers of others.

May we stand up to injustice, advocate for those in need, and use our powerful voices for those who are silenced.

Finally, may we answer prayers for others and may we love as God always loves, unconditionally.

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