“Ask and it shall be given until you.”

These were the lyrics from the famous Church hymn, “Seek Ye First,” that echoed throughout the Church as my daughter, Shea, ran into my arms tonight.

Earlier this day, I sat around a table with 25 college seniors. We looked back at their four years of college and faith-based leadership formation. I can only hope they can feel such joy as I did as I embraced my child.

Being a father is one of my greatest and most important vocations. When I was a senior in college, I felt the pull to fatherhood although I didn’t have a girlfriend, and little luck in the world of dating. Yet, the desire lived within my soul, born by God’s infinite plan for me and for so many others impacted by the love of my child.

As I look back at the time between then and now, I was blessed with my daughter, and my wife, because I sought the kingdom of God.

Now, I didn’t use this language, or even set this as the daily goal. I just tried to love as Jesus taught me. I desired to help, to grow, to respond. As another lyric goes, I sought and I found. What I did was bring an aspect of God’s kingdom into the world as we continue to seek the fullness of God’s kingdom when all is said and done.

For me, being a dad allowed me to bring God’s kingdom into the world. I hope and pray that my students, as well as all of you, seek God each and every day so that they and you can feel the joy as I did and do when that comet full of love swept into my not so worthy arms.

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  1. You’re right – none of us is really “worthy” of that great calling – – – to be a parent. But, when we receive that God-given gift, how wonderful it is to recognize our joy and the responsibility to return the joy with appreciation to our Gracious Creator!

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