In these winter days, I recognize that despite the white snow that covers the barren fields,  life is beginning. Behind the mask of winter, spring is preparing to be born.

Outside my window, the tall trees brings hope as the branches reveal the start of buds of fruit that are being formed. They nourish the birds who stayed north while also previewing the return to life that nature will share in the months to come.

I consider my own life and the loss that 2019 has brought. I wonder what is being prepared within my soul. How might I emerge from this winter? How am I growing underneath the business of these days, within the sadness of loss, and under the veil of pain.

While I may not understand, I anticipate and I trust. I also find hope in a God that loves me as God’s beloved. I know that God accompanies me and transforms me. I look forward to finding out what fruits will be born from this winter of life.

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