If you attend any Christian or even at times secular weddings, you likely hear and may even scoff when the reading from Corinthians (13:13) is proclaimed. You know the reading, the one about faith, hope, and love.

Best captured in the hit film, Wedding Crashers, the reading is as routine as it is mocked. Like a hit song played over and over on the radio, it gets repetitive and to be blunt, old.

With this in mind, scripture still promises something more. Often described as the living word,” it can capture our imaginations and tug our hearts when we least expect it.

Scripture moved Vincent in France to “proclaim the good news” and Francis in Assisi to “not take a sack for the journey,” as they began their life mission to serve and love the poor.

Scripture has likely touched you at varying times in your life, even if the story was familiar. Like  a diamond, each cut reveals a different light.  As complex they are profound. Scripture can move us, lead us, guide us.

Throughout this Christmas season, the message of faith, hope and love has continued to re-appear in my readings and reflection. As I watched my two-year old daughter take in the magic of the season, she revealed a new insight into the familiar scriptural passage.

Richard Rohr reminds us that faith, hope and love are in our very nature. He says we must say yes to it, and to absorb it daily. We are invited to approach all of life with his mindset and intention.

When I watch my daughter, I see that this is how she lives. She has faith in her parents and loved ones (and inherently in God too). She wakes up each morning with hope to not receive material goods, but the unconditional love of her parents, teachers, family, and friends. Finally, all she does is give love, and is attracted to those who return this truest force of our soul.

I understand life more fully as I watch her move from person to person these Christmas days. She laughs at the simplest of jokes, and smiles from ear to ear when she sees her family. Her love cannot be contained as she kisses her cousins and friends. She is exhausted at the end of each day as she spent it simply giving her love.

While I will likely smirk at the next wedding when a bridesmaid reads the familiar passage, I will now also think of my daughter and the reminder to live and to receive faith, hope, and love.

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