Be Light


Today is the feast of All Saints.

One of the images that best represents a saint is that of a stained glass window. When the light shines through, they are beautiful. They teach us. They center our prayer. They bring us closer to God.

As do the saints.

These holy men and women, who lived extraordinary lives, lift the spiritual energy of those around them simply by loving God and loving others.

The light of God shines through them. We pray with the saints asking for the same courage, intention, and hope that by simply dwelling in God’s love, we can be light for this world.

Love is not loved. 

I came upon a quote today from St. Francis of Assisi, ” Love is not loved, love is not loved.” By love, he means God. All God does is love. God loves you unconditionally. But, do you love God? Do you truly love God?

The saints teach us ways to love God by being prayerful and in service. As St. Vincent responded when asked by a daughter of charity when conflicted to respond to a begger at her door or to keep praying, he said, “Go from God to God.”

If you (and I) can live each day, each hour, each minute to dwell in God’s love, and to seek God with a loving heart in the form of all of God’s creation, then we too can be like those windows that shines God’s light so brightly into this world.

1 thought on “Be Light”

  1. Thank you, Jimmy. Yes, that’s my goal: to be a light… to walk IN the Way, allowing Gid’s Light to shine through me, while I stay “out of the way” – so it’s not about me, but the Light is the Light if Christ. It’s a lofty goal, but one worth pursuing.


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