I won the lottery.

No, I do not live in South Carolina, and no, I didn’t win a consolation prize of a lesser amount. In fact, I technically lost. I am $2 shorter after  a ticket was purchased last Friday night.

In the grand scheme of things, I actually won because of a question. The question came from my wife, and I imagine it was a question many had over the past week.

“What would you do if you won?”

My wife’s answer was shocking as she said that her intentions were to proceed as normal. She would still board a plane, sit in the crowded cabin, and head to rural Illinois to conduct research on an at-risk population of injection drug users. She would continue to do what she was doing.

This reinforced that she is living her true vocation at this very moment.

I was faced with a similar question, and while I live many vocations, and love aspects of them all, I had other ideas.

I would write more, draw and paint more, create more. While we both agreed to help others financially, her day-to-day would remain the same.

This question, my wife’s answer, and my own response opened up a bit of anxiety. I felt this pressure to make the most of life, and quickly. I started to look up possibilities to allow me to create more while maintaining my current callings.

And then an email arrived from a spiritual friend. Sensing from states away that he should contact me, it led to a conversation that led to another question: what is your foundation?

As the quote goes, when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive.

His point in his question was to remind, and to bring me to, my foundation with is God. To dwell in God’s love must be the bedrock of my life.

I quickly came to understand and to feel that this was how I needed to live my life, and that from this dwelling place comes peace.

I also realized that strengthened by this dwelling, I then must seek God in all that I do. It may not always make sense, but to find God will only lead to a life of true joy.

It is what my wife modeled in her response. She was going to God in the souls and hearts of the marginalized community of injection drug users. She was and she is dwelling in God by being on the ground and with her brothers and sisters.

While our lucky numbers were not called, this week has brought many gifts. So much so, I didn’t spend another $2 on a ticket Tuesday night as I was, and as I am, already blessed.

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