Take a few minutes and watch this short film from Finding Joe  that captures the work of Joseph Campbell.

I love this representation of how we, as humans, build an armor around ourselves to protect us from the hurt of our past. Society adds layers so we can meet the expectations of the external world.

In the search to living an abundant life, a life that brings God’s dreams for you into the world, you must deal with this directly.

You need to take the armor off.

In the song, “Way Back Home,” by country singer Jennifer Nettles, she sings:

Gonna need some more gold, workin’ as hard as I can
To build it, my next gilded cage with my own two hands
I’ve made some mistakes, I’m gonna make some more
But I’m clear
They brought me here
A world worthy of makin’ ’em for
I’m taking off my armor, already cut to the bone
The prodigal daughter on her way back home

Listen to the full song here.

She explains the purpose of this song to Taste of Country.

“I want to be an example for my son — of authenticity and of asking the right questions and of questioning just what you think what you’re supposed to do.”

Before you can explore your dreams, you need to discover them. They are within your heart.

Take 10 minutes today, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

As you find peace within, ask yourself this key question:

When was the last time you felt joy?

Then ask yourself this question:

What is your earliest memory of feeling joyful?

The answer will provide some insight into why and how you were made.

Feel free to share your answer via #dreamscometrue or by email at drjimmywalters@gmail.com.

Let’s support one another in this process of bringing our dreams to life.

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