38864769_10103662827451497_7438650651048935424_n.jpgLook at this photo.

My daughter, almost 2, marveled at the real fish and sharks at the Philadelphia Aquarium this past week.

This picture captures her amazement beneath the artistic interpretation of swimming fish between exhibits.

I am struck by her eyes. They are filled with joy. They are seeking, striving, reaching. Her imagination is captured on these “fish” as much as my eyes are on her.

So what is the lesson here.

In an effort to live a life of gratitude and appreciation, can you look at your world with the same eyes as this child?

I know it is hard. Our mind is filled with so many thoughts that often carry pressure, expectations, and anxiety. We worry about how we look in the rain instead of singing under the drops.

Jesus tells us to become like children.

They reveal something about us, they teach us how to live simply. They show us how to be joyful.

Join me in trying to capture this joyful simplicity. Remember, sooner than later, we share a fate with those that swim with the fishes, those decaying six feet under, and those left as remains in an urn. Time is running out, so why not enjoy your life while you can!

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