Michelangelo, when approaching a block of stone was said to approach the medium as a process of setting free an angel.

Appreciative Inquiry, the organizational model that focuses on the strengths of an organization or an individual, offers a step titled “Discover.” This step allows the person to identify their gifts and talents. In some ways, they chip away at the stone created by society to get to the heart of the matter, or rather, the angel within.

Some key questions in this step focus on previous moments of joy (ex.when you were with your grandmother in her home one summer day), past experiences when you were recognized for being good at something (ex. when you were a kid and your art work was featured at the community art center), or times when you felt fulfilled (ex. when you went to be exhausted but at peace after spending the day rebuilding houses for a family in need).

These moments of discovery bring you back to a place of authenticity. The demands of society mean much less when you reconnect to your true self.

I am curious- what is it about you from your past that brought you joy?

What were past experiences when you were recognized and celebrated for who you are?

When did you feel fulfilled?

Who is the angel within you that is just waiting to be set free?

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May you find peace and love today!

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