What Are Your Dreams?


I am writing a book. I have been writing it for some time now.

The book focuses on dreams. Not the dreams you have when you sleep, but the dreams that stir in your heart. I believe these dreams are of God. In a way, they are a gentle and nagging reminder from God to pursue these dreams to change the world.

I believe the hallmark of God’s dreams are that they benefit others, especially those most in need. Dreams cannot be only self-serving, and at the cost of others. These personal gains are not of God.

Dreams that are of God are for our least of our brothers and sisters.

As I journey as an author, I wonder how you feel about this. Do you believe this above sentiment? What are your dreams that are of God? Have you fulfilled them? Why or why not?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or email me at jamesrwaltersny@gmail.com.


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