“We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda;                   it is a form of truth.”

~ John F. Kennedy

With close to 21 million views, Paul McCartney and James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke has struck a nerve.  McCartney takes us with him on a journey down memory lane, striking a chord as his former band once did over 50 years ago. You can watch the video here.

I, like Corden and so many others, was moved most by the “Let it Be” part of the segment. I didn’t know the story behind the famous song, and I have watched McCartney explain it several times, with each time feeling it even deeper than the time before.

I then searched online for a cover of the song, only to find a version by an amazing harmonic trio named GENTRI. You can listen to this powerful and prayerful cover here.

I found myself moved by the harmony, strengthened by the story behind the music. I started to appreciate even more the role art plays in my life. Fascinated by this new discovery, I searched more GENTRI songs- only to discover this masterpiece.

Titled, “Love Song Medley,” the dancing was as moving as the song. Modern dance was never something that I appreciated previously. And as the video started, I didn’t care for it.

Then things changed. Then, I saw my life before me. I saw my love story with my wife played out in dance, with the backdrop of some of “our songs.” I cannot watch it without a tear or two.

The art reveals a truth. From the story behind “Let it Be,” to the modern cover, to a love medley portrayed in dance, these different forms of art hit me at my core.

And I am once again blessed, and grateful for the different ways that God speaks to us.

Do you have any similar experiences with art (song, dance, painting, writing) that moved you in a similar way?

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