I was walking across campus today, taking in the calm after the heavy storm that struck the New York area last night.

Campus is in preparation for Sunday’s graduation. It is a pretty time where the grass is cut, the flowers are blooming, and the grounds provide the perfect backdrop for the countless photos that will occur this weekend.

I was admiring the environment and then I noticed to my left a beautiful red cardinal. These are not common visitors to our campus.

My initial thought was a profound one.

I pondered, “Does she know how beautiful she is?”

This train of thought moved to the larger question of how God sees us. The greatest insight comes from parents, and how they look at their children. It is pure love. Even the babies that may not be getting picked to be on the cover of a magazine anytime soon is perfect in the eyes of their parents.

That cardinal reminded me of how God looks at us, and how we should look at ourselves. You, I and we are beautiful.


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