This past weekend, my daughter discovered dandelions. A whole field of them.

The flowers were less fortunate as they were picked one by one to fill this toddler’s temporary obsession. Her chubby hand clenched on to each flower as they each were special to her in their own way.

As most adults walked by the grass, Shea marveled in the grass. She was in awe of the nature surrounding her. She didn’t care that men considered it an unnecessary weed. To Shea, it was beautiful.

Now dandelions have many benefits, you can read more here. They  most notably reveal the coming of spring as they are often the first signs of the season. Sure others will remove each flower, seeing only a weed. To this child, they were a precious treasure. She did not know what society said, or what other’s could not see. She didn’t care.

All that mattered was how many flowers she could get within her grasp.

So what is the lesson here….it is to open our eyes and to see beauty in everything.

At times, we allow others to dictate if a movie is worth seeing, or if a restaurant is worth trying. We look at people and quickly past judgment by the clothes they wear, the way they act or speak, and the way they look.

Taking advice from a 19-month old, look beyond the external, and see the beauty. See the yellow dandelion even if others say it is a weed.

Live you life in wonder and awe. It is much more exciting and fulfilling than living a life of seeing only weeds.

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