Earlier this week, I was sitting in my office. Out of the corner of my right eye, I heard a buzz. I was startled as the room was quiet. The source of the noise was a large fly that was caught in my space.

The fly took laps across the room, spending most of its time by the closed window pane. I could hear the buzz from 20 feet away as it searched for an escape.

I went back to my emails. A few minutes later, I was drawn to the fly as it sat by the window. Feeling pity for the fly, I stood and went to the window to open it.

The fly didn’t leave right away. It took some more laps, and it remained by the closed part of the window. I found myself rooting for this insect, wishing I could show it the way out.

I felt an energy moving through me, the same energy that I feel for my daughter as I root for her to walk, and to put a puzzle piece in the right spot, or to put the circle piece in the circle hole.

I was rooting for a fly.

My thoughts moved deeper, and I started to wonder what this fly was teaching me. Was I the fly?

Where in my life do I feel trapped, unable to see the opening? What am I a slave to, stuck to, bound to? In what ways am I buzzing around, making noise, and searching for a way out.

I imagine we all feel this way at times. For one, it could be there employment, another their relationship, and another their dependence on substances. Many things, people, and institutions can hold us down. But it is often we who are holding the keys to this self-inflicted prison.

What builds those bars, and what closes those doors, are of our doing. Reflecting on this simple question can allow us to analyze our thoughts and actions: “why do I do, what I do?”

The answers are not easy, as they are developed over generations of outside voices shaping us to fit into this world. If we are not careful, we can be like that fly.

And here is where God enters the scene. God never left in reality, we just closed the door. God opens the window for us, and God roots for us to escape the walls we built that keep us from being our best self. God wants us to be inspired (in-Spirit), to live with a joy that comes from our Source.

Perhaps that fly entered that office and found sanctuary there.  Maybe the fly accidentally found itself in this space as it took advantage of an opportunity. That space and time served its purpose, but now, the fly was ready to leave. And it did.

What is it in your life that is now time for you to leave?

How is God opening the window so you can move into the next chapter?

As I reflect on this experience, I recognize how I too see myself in this fly. It isn’t in all areas of my life, but it exists. I find comfort that as I seek that opening, God is rooting for me to live and to experience the fullness that this life has to offer.

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