It has been a while since I last “blogged.” I have been working on a manuscript exploring our own discovery of God’s love and hopes for us.I return to this platform in an effort to continue to share my experience of life and love. This short reflection is another lesson that my daughter is teaching me.

(Very) early this morning, my 19-month old daughter, Shea, found herself in bed with me and my wife. After she nursed, she started to cuddle with us.

My daughter doesn’t usually cuddle with me. She often does with my wife because of the nursing. With me we play, and while she gives hugs and kisses, it is rare for her to rest with me. Last night was different.

She and I shared a pillow. She placed her head on her side and babbled until she fell asleep. Then, I felt her tiny hand grab mine. My wife and I had out feet touching, and it was in this short but sweet experience, my life felt complete.

I also felt anxious, wanting this experience to last forever. In reality, I hoped it would last a few minutes. I anticipated Shea jumping up or moving around. I challenged my mind to be in the present, to appreciate every second, for as long as it lasts.

It didn’t last very long, maybe a few minutes. She would return and come back for a few times. I reflected on the lesson from this toddler. It is a reminder to enjoy the moment as it presents itself, not worrying about when it will end.

In life, we can fall into this race against the clock. I was at a wedding recently where when the bride found out the time, she  said “my wedding is almost over.”  Another example is when I go to a baseball game. Since my attendance is much less than years past, with each subsequent inning, I hope for extra’s, wanting the game to last as long as possible.

Like each day, special moments must come to an end. We can focus on the ticking clock, or we can cherish the precious seconds that are true gifts from God.


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