Song 1: Little Wood Guitar (Sugarland)

Watch video here:Little Wood Guitar by Sugarland

We start our journey together through the Christmas jukebox with one tune that isn’t as popular as the others that we will reflect on together in the coming days.

Today, we give our attention to the song, Little Wood Guitar, by Sugarland. The country duo of Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, recently reunited after exploring different music opportunities.  Released in 2009 on their Gold and Green album, this song captures the story of a Christmas gift that kept on giving.

The song begins as the narrator receives a little wood guitar one Christmas morning, a guitar that she would string as she chases her dreams.

The song takes us on a journey, from first as a child, to the narrator who now shares dinner with her brother and his wife. Then there is this clever line: “Passing around thier dinner plates, And dissecting my life.”

We all know this feeling- seeing loved ones who ask too many questions. The narrator was following her dreams. This isn’t always understood. Anyone of us who has taken a chance has to deal with the criticism, skepticism, and questions that follow. This song reminds us to keep chasing those dreams. As the lyrics say, “I never stopped believing, I just kept on singing”

As the song comes to an end, the narrator has a family of her own. She gives her daughter her own little wood guitar, hoping she chases her dreams as her mother did and does.

I appreciate this ending as a new father. My words are important, but it is my action that will be her greatest teacher. How I live and how I love will speak louder than my words of advice.

If she sees her father as a person who chased his dreams, I pray she will chase her dreams as well. God knows I will be supporting her every step of the way.

Taking this to another level, how can we support one another’s dreams?

Maybe we can start at our Christmas tables later this month. Instead of asking the tough questions, let’s offer words of support, encouragement, and joy. This may be the greatest gift we can give. Someone may even write a song about it.

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