In Dr. Wayne Dyer’s film, The Shift, it begins with Dyer emerging from bed in the morning saying “Thank You” several times. It was his mantra. It was genuine. It was authentic.

This challenges me: how often do I wake up to skip the gratitude, and to instead begin to think of all that I have to do that day? Throughout the day, when do I take the time to look to the God above, and the same God within, to count my blessings?

This Thursday, we take time as a nation to offer our gratitude. The origins of this day are clouded in the brutality that history tells us surrounded that first Thanksgiving. Thankfully over time, the day has a closer resemblance to our neighbors to the north. Canada’s Thanksgiving is a day to say thank you to the harvest which will sustain them for the following year.

Our world, and we, will be stronger and more truly authentic if can incorporate a culture of gratitude into our daily life. If we do, our outlook will change. Our daily to-do-list will feel less daunting. Our challenges will feel more manageable. Our life will feel richer as we will feel more blessed



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