You know the feeling. It is deep within your stomach, your gut.

It guides your decisions if you pay attention.

If you ignore it, you often regret it.

In a moment of indecision, someone has surely said, “what does your gut say?”

We give this concept of “gut” a great deal of credit. We do this because we know it is something more than a thought in our mind, or a defense mechanism to our fears. Our mind may be influenced by our Ego.  Our gut is influenced by something more, something true. It is almost innate. We trust it. We recognize it as deep and real.

Rumi said, “there is a voice that doesn’t use words, listen.”

Actor and teacher, Sanford Meisner, goes as far to say ‘listen to your gut, not your head.”

But what is this gut exactly?

I was in a conversation today with a remarkable student leader. In the midst of her reflection, she said that “she listens to her gut.”

I shared back with her, “consider changing the word gut to God.”

Is it not the same?

What if that gut feeling was understood as that “God feeling.”

We may resist this at first because we have been trained to see God as something “out there.”

Sure, God is “out there,” but God is also “in there.” God is inside of you.

So what if that gut feeling is truly the Spirit speaking to you? Not in words as Rumi says, but in your whole being.

What if we saw God in this way?

I imagine we would then pay even more attention to our gut/God feeling. Perhaps we would thank God for communicating with us in such a way, guiding us as we listen not with our ears but with our heart.


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