In the end, what will matter?

Will it be your clothes, bank account, or the letters after your name?

Will it be your car, your home, or your jewelry?

Or will it be how you loved?

How you loved your family and your friends?How you loved the stranger and the rejected?

How you loved the least of your brothers and your sisters?

In the end, what will matter?

How you can forgive?

And how you allow yourself and others to heal?

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you,” said the 13th century poet and prophet Rumi.

In the end, it comes down to this: did you allow Light to shine.

In other words, did others experience God in you?

I imagine as a baby this occurred. You and I did not worry about appearances, to-do lists, or the magnitude of issues that may cause anxiety yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

We simply lived to be loved. And we loved in return.

In the end, it is about love.

Unconditional love. Selfless love. God’s love.

In the end, we do not know when our final breath is coming.

At night, we do not know if we will live to see the sun rise.

All we know is now.

The end may be near, or it may be decades away.

We do not know.

In the end, to be with God, we must know God. We know God by how we love.

So, join me today, in love. Love the attractive and the unattractive. Love the nice and the mean. Love without judgement and love without limits.

Love as God loves.

In the end, God is love.

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