In an effort to write often and effectively for this blog, I am taking an open-ear approach to my writing. In simple terms- I listen and then I write.

I listen for what other’s say, paying attention to what strikes me as significant. I wonder, could this be the topic of my daily post. If it does, I commit to finding time later that day to reflect more on the sentence. If not, I appreciate the thought, and then move on with open ears to find my daily inspiration.

Last week, I mentioned a colleague saying, “I do not work for the institution, I work for God.” This is staying with me beyond a blog post, focusing my daily actions.

Today, another colleague said, “It’s not about me.”

He was reflecting on an uncomfortable situation that led him to helping someone else. He was nervous all week, but after performing this act of service, he felt like he was given a reward. He recognized that valuable, and often lost lesson, that this life is not about us.

Believe it or not, life is not about me.

And it is not about you.

All my hopes and dreams for this blog and my career are not about me. If they are, it and I will fail.

Life, today, must be seen as an opportunity to serve. Not for our own gain, but to life a full life.

Leave your EGO (Edging God Out) on the side, and serve.

Socrates reminds us that “an unexamined life is not worth living.”

We must no only serve, but reflect on our life. In doing so, we can recognize the Spirit moving through us. In this reflection and in service, we see the hand of God guiding us in the form of inspiration and energy.

Pay attention to how you feel. Where there is energy, there is life.

Life is not about our own gain, or prosperity, or popularity. As it is contrary to all that we are taught in the public square, life is about listening and serving.

So, pay attention today.

What are moments where you can serve?

What can you and I do today to live a life well-lived, by making the life of another better simply by a kind gesture or action?

Then examine your day tonight and rest you head on the pillow, knowing your day was spent well,  living as the Universe needed you to live.

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