God speaks to us in many different ways.

This morning, God spoke to me through a colleague at work.

Frustrated by the bureaucracy and challenging superiors, he said, “I don’t work for the institution, I work for God.”

He added, “God wants me here for now. There will come a time when I leave, when God shows me where he wants me next.”

There is something very inspiring about this approach to work for God. It is realistic to be frustrated by work at times, and certainly by members of communities in which we share life and work.

If our starting and ending point is God, we can move through disappointment and frustration, to a place of appreciation and gratitude.

This does not mean we should be abused or mistreated. Perhaps those moments invite us to consider new opportunities and relationships.

Working for God, despite the experiences of the boss or leadership, reminds us of our daily mission to serve and to love.

The reward is peace. The reward is joy. The reward is the love we receive in return. It is greater than any pay raise or promotion.

The reward is to be a small part of this life goal to know God, and to bring God to others.

So, work today not for your boss or for the paycheck, but for God. And then pay attention to how others, also working for God, serve and love you in return.

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