As a slightly obsessed New York Mets fan, the approaching trade deadline typically brings the unofficial end to the baseball season.

For non-baseball fans, the trade deadline occurs at the end of July. This is a time for contending teams to trade with a struggling team to improve their chances of making the post season over the two remaining months of the season.

Teams, like the Mets this season, are not going to win enough games to advance to October. As a result, they can trade some talent to regain young players who may either be key players in the future, or later traded for another desired player.

The point: the season is over, and there are to months left to play. As a fan, this can be seen as a time to wonder what could have been. Especially after the Mets made it to the postseason over the last two seasons, the hopes were for this season to be “the year.”

There is a lesson in a lost year. For Mets fans, and other fanbases that lose more than they win, we do not have to be reminded to cherish the winning seasons. We learn to appreciate all of the good days while they are here, as we know they do not last.

So what is the lesson then. It is this: In the darkness, there is hope. For the Mets, and the other teams that trade off their talent, waving a white flag at the same time, the eyes go to the future.

The players who will be in the Major League’s next year get their feet wet over the next two months. They have their opportunity.

Fans, instead of feeling the emotions of tension and giving the games more attention than they deserve, can now enjoy the game. They can look to the talented who are fulfilling their dream. Fans can celebrate the game for its three hours, not for its place in the standings.

In life, we have those winning seasons. But we also have those that do not turn out as we hope. What can be our silver lining, our hope.

I believe that like a lost baseball season, we too can be lost. We lose our way, sometimes because of injury like many of the Mets players, and at times things simply do not work out as we had hoped.

By finding the positive, and expressing gratitude, we can find our way to better days. Through spiritual eyes, we can see disappointment as an invitation to an exploration of what is next.

In the future, our hope is fulfilled.

In the present, with gratitude as our guide, we may still feel lost, but we can also give a different part of our self an opportunity to shine like those prospects who will fulfill their lifelong dream over the next two months.

What is buried deep inside you and in me, that if given the opportunity, can allow us to move into a deeper spiritual place? What needs to be renewed, or simply given a chance?

If we look through these eyes of hope, we can see that even in a lost season, God is guiding us through the storm to better days, although no less meaningful.

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